Agencies at all Greek ports (except private owned ports)

From the range of Lavrion-Corinth, agency services are held with our staff, including Corinth channel passages. In other ports, agency services occur with trusted sub-agencies. With the company also acting as owners, our approach to agency issues is very meticulous, as we comprehend what an owner wants and needs from an agent when his vessel is in a port. Each vessel that is called upon our services is treated as if she is our own, making sure that she is provided with the best services possible. With a proven track record in shipping, Avramar is a trusted partner to many shipowners, charterers and operators, with reliable relationships with connected ports and customs authorities. The manner of our operations will assure you of our commitment to your business.

Drydock and repair arrangements at Piraeus region (Perama and Drapetsona)

We are in contact with high quality shipyards, by choosing the most suitable solution for our customers, with criteria that combines quality, low costs and minimum delivery time. From selecting the most suitable yards, to our assistance in important negotiations and our organizational support to the demanding needs of the repair process, we ensure a smooth running of the repairs.

Dry cargo chartering up to 10.000 dwt/mt

Operating in the Mediterranean region.

Supply provisions

Provisions supply to all Greek ports.

Bunker Traders and bunker supplies at all Greek ports (as well as Istanbul and Bulgarian ports)

Having direct access to main physical suppliers, the company is able to supply (lubricants included), at all Greek ports including islands such as Syros and Kali Limenes (Crete). Besides of Greek ports, supplies are also available at Bulgarian and Turkish ports.

Arrangements of underwater maintenance, surveys and repairs

Avramar is able to arrange all sorts of underwater works and inspections mainly at the port of Piraeus and many other Greek ports.

Delivery of spare parts at Piraeus port and other Greek ports in Transit

With a successful cooperation with our local custom broker, we guarantee that the goods arriving from countries in the E.U and other countries to your vessels with minimum cost and minimum custom formalities within the shortest time possible.

Ship management

Acting as owner for almost two decades, we are very familiar with what is demanded in order to operate a vessel. Based on our chronic experience, we can provide management services that incorporate all aspects of cost-effective ship management. Avramar’s affiliated company, AB shipping, holding in its possession DOC of Compliance, issued by the Turkish Lloyd, acting also as a management firm for other shipowners.

Transit passage at Dardanelles and Bosporus

The company is able to arrange passages in Dardanelles and Bosporus through our affiliated company in Turkey.